This page contains (references to) some of my publications in english language

2016 and following:

Out of the research on „Tax Justice & Poverty“, a sociological-empirical study with ethical reflection, a number of publications resulted which can be found on the project website in the following directories


Lecture „Impact of the World Financial Crisis on Poor Countries – Examples from Sub-Saharan Africa“, given to students of the Program „International Finance and Development“ at Erlangen University. Powerpoint slides (pdf-file) and Lecture Notes.


Executive Summary of the book „Globalization – illegal migration – poverty reduction“, original in German and published with Stimmen der Zeit (2009), Vol.227, pp. 735-746


Stemming the Tide. Experiences of globalization processes in the Toledo District of Belize and strategies to cope with it. In: Promotio Justitiae, Nr 100, 2008/3. Social Justice Secretariat, Rome. pp. 140-145.


Life in the World of Shadows: The problematic of illegal migration. In: Global Migration Perspectives Nr. 41. Global Commission on International Migration, Geneva, September 2005. (pdf-file, 190 kb)